Social Media Video Tips and Strategies That Work

social media video

Social media videos are very popular nowadays. Whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms, people enjoy watching videos. Even some ads coming from companies that are made very well have the potential to go viral and receive millions of views. This is why many are looking for the right techniques and strategies to create the best kinds of videos meant for social media posting.

The first tip would be the length of the video. If it is a video ad, best to keep it short. Under 30 seconds would be best. You would also have to make sure that the first 2 seconds of your video is already interesting enough to spark curiosity. This includes choosing the thumbnail for your video. This will prevent your audience from scrolling through the feed without taking a look at your video.

Do not take social media videos for granted. Make sure they are made with quality in mind. Use a good camera. Edit it professionally. Some people would think that just because it is made for social media and not for TV or film, there’s no need to make a lot of effort. It is so easy to reach a wide audience on social media and you can get hundreds, thousands, and even millions of views if you make your video worth their time.

Also, if you have very little knowledge in videography, you can either take a look at these videography tips for beginners or you can simply hire an experienced expert. While some videographers would charge very high prices, there are still many others that would do the project even if you’re on a budget. All you have to do is ask and tell them about your project. Most of these pros would give free quotations anyway so just ask them about it.