Types of Videography for Pros

videography for pros

A professional photographer must have a portfolio of videos and films to showcase to prospective clients. When creating the portfolio, the most important thing to consider is the type of videos one should capture that makes him look like a professional or even an expert. We have gathered a list of videography styles that you should have in your portfolio.

1. Promotional Videos: A promotional video of 30-90 seconds is the best type of video that you can showcase on your portfolio. Clients are often on look for the videographer that can help them promote businesses on social platforms.

2. Tutorials: Skilled individuals are on the look for earning online via tutorial videos, such as how to insulate attics and more. Create and upload at least one tutorial video so you can target skilled personnel.

3. Animation: Animation videos are made to keep the viewer happy and engaged. It is a powerful kind of video that helps to make even the trickiest of services or products explanation seem easy and simple. Businesses also use animation to promote services and products.

4. Webinars: If possible, try to include a pre-recorded webinar in the portfolio. Let the prospective clients know that you can help them connect with their respective clients through webinars. Have questions and answers round in the video to make it more interesting.

Creating a video is a thing that anyone would love to do. But, while capturing the videos, lightings and colors might be overlooked, which, however, are an essential part of the process of making amazing videos. Using video editing software and tools, one can bring about the desired effect. There are several video tools and software available online for download. You can try any one of them or even ask a friend to suggest one. You, however, may need a computer in its best condition for using the video editing tools.

Not quite a videography pro yet? Here are some videography tips for beginners!