Types of Videography for Starters

When we talk about creating a video, we seldom skip on the crucial question – what type of video? The videography has several types, such as commercial videos, funny videos, and time-lapse videos; each type is used for a specific purpose. But, not all types of videos are easy to make as some require specialized skills. We have gathered a list of videos that a beginner can easily create.

1. Time-lapse Videos: Recording the time passing by such as the movement of the cloud and growing seedling is one the easiest way to create a fantastic video. You can capture sunrise and add soothing background music to it. Here’s how you can create time-lapse videos using a smartphone.

2. Review or Commentary: Review videos are the most-watched videos as people look for reviews when buying a new product. It is indeed easy to make. Beginners should try their hands in review videos to gain attention online.

3. Funny or Prank Videos: Prank videos are the second most-watched videos. They are entertaining short films. It is fun to watch them. You can create one with friends and capture their funny reactions. Funny and hilarious videos are often shared across social media.

4. Interviews: If you can convince an elite or subject matter expert to share their views through an interview, go for it. It is always informative to listen to an expert. Such videos are loaded with information. You can always play with the script and add some fun elements, such as asking the expert of their first love.

So, these are some of the basic videos that a new videographer can try his hands on. They are easy to make and edit. Remember, the more you practice, the better you will be able to do in the future. You might want to check these videography tips for beginners. Do try the videos mentioned in this article and share it with your friends and close ones for their feedback.